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CHF Holds Capacity Building Workshop

A major aspect of CHF’s work is enabling partner organizations to build their capacity to serve their communities. At the end of April, CHF staff, field staff and representatives of CHF’s partner organizations met outside of Ottawa to discuss how to continue to improve this important capacity building work. The goal of the exercise was to exchange best practices and identify five top areas for improvement.

According to Cindy Farrell, CHF’s Director of Technical Services, “Some of the highlights of the three-day workshop were the quality of the presentations made by our capacity building practitioners from around the world — Guyana, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Ghana — and the opportunity for consultation and exchange between the program staff from headquarters and the field.

“It was truly an opportunity to move this work forward in an important way.”

CHF’s Global Educators Present Fundraiser in Toronto

CHF’s Toronto-based Global Educators are hosting a pub night fundraiser for CHF on Thursday, March 22 at the popular, centrally located Brunswick House, 481 Bloor St. between Bathurst and Spadina.

The team of 49 CHF Global Educators provide presentations in schools and organize community events in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. They generously volunteer their time to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities in the developing world.

Along with a slide show presentation, the Toronto pub night fundraiser will feature door prizes and raffles for fair trade products from Second Cup and Ten Thousand Villages. Profits from ticket sales and the raffles will go to support CHF projects overseas.

Building Peace and Livelihoods in South Sudan

In January 2005, Sudan’s government and southern rebels signed a historic peace agreement: the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). This newly released video portrays the work of CHF and its partners to integrate peacebuilding and livelihoods in key regions of South Sudan to ultimately render the peace agreement more viable and sustainable.

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