"CHF's Global Education lessons have complemented my Grade 8 Geography Program in a very meaningful way. CHF has managed to successfully create a package of resources that not only links directly to the curriculum, but also provides useable content, interesting and fun activities and contains useful black line masters."

Clint Monaghan, Jean Vanier Intermediate Catholic School, Ottawa

About CHF's Global Education Lessons

CHF's Global Education lessons are available free to download on-line (see below). You can also order hard copy versions of the lessons. To order, click here.

These lessons are designed to help you:

  • Easily teach students about about the reailities faced by millions of people in developing countries and the difference Canadians can make
  • Create an occasion for learning and discussion on issues of social justice, poverty, hunger, drought and the interactions between humans and the environment
  • Fulfill curriculum requirements
  • Not only raise awareness, but work with students to find the tools necessary for taking action to make a difference in the lives of children in developing countries

Each lesson is organized with an introductory description, listing of the subject areas that are covered in the lesson, list of materials needed, teaching/learning instructions to ensure the lesson will run smoothly, extension activity ideas, teacher background notes and an essessment/evaluation tool.

There is also a complete listing of the links to the curriculum, otherwise called curriculum connections.



A Deeper Look at Poverty

Deforestation: What Do Trees Mean to Me?

Ecological Footprints From Around the World

The Game of Life for the Rural Poor

Global Citizenship

What's Right With the Picture?

Trading Fairly in Our World (available online only)

Curriculum Connections



SENIOR LESSONS (Grades 11 - 12)

International Development in Action

Microfinance: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Sustainable Livelihoods: Examing Poverty and Quality of Life

The Gender Divide: Different Perspectives

What's Right With This Picture?



Please contact us if you would like to be involved in the evaluation of these resources. Please e-mail Sandra Kiviaho at skiviaho@chf-partners.ca or call 1 (866) 242-4243.